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The old schoolhouse at King James's School.

How to apply for a grant from the Foundation

Guidelines for awards

1. The application must be for funding for a project that has educational relevance and which is not being funded in part or as a whole by some form of statutory funding such as a local authority award.

2. ​The Foundation will use its discretion in providing funding for any proposed project, though it is expected that the applicant will also make some financial contribution. Although applications are considered individually, the Foundation does not usually support curriculum-based visits.


3. Original evidence of cost is required to accompany any funding application.


4. There will normally be a maximum of £1,000 allocated for any particular project. The amount of any grant awarded will not normally be less than £250. All applications will be considered by the Trustees, who work to Charity Commission guidelines.

5. We reserve the right to request confirmation that funds have been spent appropriately. On completion of a funded project, the applicant must provide a report.

Application form

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